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Gimlet Creative creates highly produced narrative audio in partnership with brands. Our integrated ad campaigns and branded shows are made by some of the best audio producers in the business. Gimlet Creative is part of Gimlet Media, the award-winning network behind hit podcasts like Reply All and StartUp.

What is Gimlet Creative?

Brand Partnerships

At Gimlet Creative, we partner with brands to craft ad campaigns and shows that resonate with listeners.

Listener First

We believe the best way to tell any story, including a story for your brand, is to put listeners first.

Quality Storytelling

We create integrated ad campaigns and story-rich shows, with an elite creative team.

Featured Partners

Gimlet Creative Team

Jenny Wall

Head of Marketing

Jenny is the CMO of Gimlet Media. Before joining the team, she was SVP, Head of Marketing at Hulu, and has also worked at Netflix and HBO. She spent 10 years on the agency side between HBO and Netflix working with TV, Film and gaming clients.

Nicole Wong

Creative Lead

Nicole is creative lead at Gimlet Creative. She has led the development and production of campaigns for GC clients such as P&G, Lyft, Tinder, eBay, Virgin Atlantic, Cole Haan, Subaru and more. Prior to joining Gimlet in 2016, she was a senior editor at Group SJR. Before that, she worked for nonprofit media, film, and communications organizations in San Francisco.

Zac Schmidt

Director of Audio Production

Zac is Gimlet Creative's Director of Audio Production. He loves helping brands find their sound and dreams in Pro Tools shortcuts. Before joining Gimlet he worked in Audio Post Production at Chicago Recording Company.

Rachel Ward

Executive Producer, Special Projects

Rachel is the executive producer of special projects at Gimlet Creative. She has edited, reported and produced for GC clients like Microsoft, Blue Apron, Tinder and Virgin Atlantic. Before working at GC, Rachel hosted Surprisingly Awesome, and before that, she was a producer at NPR's Morning Edition, where she produced pieces for Steve Inskeep, Linda Wertheimer and Renee Montagne. She's currently the host of Chompers, Gimlet Media's morning and night toothbrushing show.

Katelyn Bogucki

Senior Producer

Katelyn is a senior producer at Gimlet Creative. Prior to joining Gimlet in 2016, she worked at The Huffington Post where she developed the podcast and audio program. Before that, she worked in marketing at Uber.

Abbie Ruzicka

Senior Producer

Abbie is a senior producer at Gimlet Creative. Prior to joining Gimlet, she worked at WBUR, where she was a producer for the NPR show On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Before that, she developed podcasts and produced radio shows for WGBH News in Boston.

Josh Fjelstad

Director of Marketing

Josh is the Director of Marketing at Gimlet Creative. One of the first members of BuzzFeed and Mic’s creative teams, over the course of his career Josh has worked with brands like Purina, BBC, Google, Microsoft, Frito-Lay and Hasbro to tell their stories in the digital age—whether it’s imagining an internet made for cats or facilitating a crowdsourced Monopoly board.

Martha Wolf

Senior Account Services Manager

Martha is a Senior Account Services Manager at Gimlet Creative. Before Gimlet, she worked at Refinery29 and Believe Entertainment, bringing branded and editorial content of many mediums to life with a diverse array of brand partners.

Aja Badame

Senior Marketing Manager

Aja is a senior marketing manager at Gimlet Creative. She previously worked in communications and advertising in New York and Berlin.

Shahzad Ahsan

Senior Marketing Manager

Shahzad is a senior marketing manager at Gimlet Creative. Previously, he worked on marketing for The Muse and Box. He’s circumnavigated the world only twice.​

Matt Shilts


Matt is a producer at Gimlet Creative. Before Gimlet, Matt was as an audio engineer at places including First Look Media and Scatter. Before that, he was the news director at North State Public Radio in northern California.

James T. Green


James is a producer at Gimlet Creative. Previously he was the Director of Audio at The Outline, a producer at MTV News, and a graduate lecturer at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Outside of Gimlet, he's a practicing artist and musician.

Tyler Sorensen

Midroll Producer

Tyler is a midroll producer at Gimlet Creative. He previously worked at BuzzFeed, where he specialized in producing sponsored content in a variety of formats.

Jorge Estrada

Associate Producer

Jorge is an associate producer at Gimlet Creative. Before joining Gimlet, he produced podcasts at ESPN/538. His favorite comic is Secret Wars #8.

Kerianne Thomas

Associate Producer

Kerrianne is an associate producer at Gimlet Creative. Prior to joining the team, she worked on podcasts for Refinery29, Conde Nast, and The Listening Booth.

Daniela Araya

Account Services Manager

Daniela is Gimlet's Account Services Manager. Before joining the team, she worked at CNN, and prior to that, at Hearst working on their interior design magazines. She has over 100 plants and loves being outdoors.

Carly Machlis

Marketing Manager

Carly is a marketing manager at Gimlet Creative. Before joining the team, she worked on marketing and branded content strategy for BuzzFeed and TodayTix, and before that, she worked on the agency side. She enjoys long walks around the Gowanus Canal.

Blair Wilson

Account Services Associate

Blair is an Account Services Associate at Gimlet. Before joining Gimlet, she worked at literary agency Park Literary & Media where she represented authors’ work in the US and international markets, with a focus on audio and translation rights.

Catherine Anderson

Audio Engineer

Catherine is an audio engineer for the Gimlet Creative team. When she's not working at Gimlet, Catherine can be found playing a keytar in the band Robot Princess or re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the millionth time.

Marcus Bagalà

Audio Engineer

Marcus is an engineer and composer at Gimlet. Previously, Marcus has written music for This American Life, Showtime’s The Affair, and notably he co-scored the documentary film Fathers of Football with The Flaming Lips.

Renita Jablonski


Renita is an editor at Gimlet Creative. Before joining Gimlet, she worked at NPR for nearly a decade. Her last job there was senior editor for All Things Considered. She did the vampire thing for a few years as an editor for Morning Edition, and worked on NPR's newscast unit.

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