Brittany’s Book Club

July 18, 2016

Brittany’s Book Club is a new show-within-the-show on Sampler, sponsored by Audible. In each installment, members of the Gimlet team you may not normally hear on-air share their favorite books with Sampler’s host, Brittany Luse.

Our first pick comes from Kalila Holt. Kalila is a producer on Heavyweight, a new show hosted by Jonathan Goldstein. She brought in a clip from “Get In Trouble” by Kelly Link. Link’s genre-bending short stories combine elements of fantasy, horror, and YA to create an entirely original voice.

For our September pick, producer Eric Mennel recommends “Negroland” by Margo Jefferson. Negroland is a memoir about one writer’s personal and family history at the intersection of race and class in 1960s Chicago — which is fitting since Eric is working on a new, genealogy-oriented show called Twice Removed.

In our last installment of Brittany’s Book Club, Gimlet’s executive assistant Stevie Lane talked to Brittany about one of her favorite books: “The Devil All the Time” by Donald Ray Pollack, a gritty yet beautifully written novel about small town America.

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