About the Host

June 10, 2019
Host: Emily Spivack

Emily Spivack is an artist and editor whose work draws from contemporary culture, clothing, history, and our relationship to everyday objects. She is the author of WORN IN NEW YORK and the New York Times best selling WORN STORIES. Emily has a column for the New York Times called “The Story of a Thing.” As artist-in-residence at MoMA, she created An archive of everything worn to MoMA from November 1, 2017, to January 28, 2018 and her 2017 off-site installation for the Honolulu Museum of Art, Medium White Tee, was a fulfillment of President Barack Obama’s stated fantasy to run a T-shirt shack that sold only medium-sized white tees. For more on Emily and her work, visit emilyspivack.info.