Creating a New Era

June 14, 2018

Meet the women changing the sneaker game.

What will it take to make sure women are heard at every level of the sneaker industry? Meet the three women changing the streetwear industry from the inside out. We talk about the future of sneakers and the steps we need to take to get to parity.

Show notes:

Jazerai Allen Lord, aka @nerdlikejazzy Jazerai has worked in the sneaker industry for the past decade on the media, design, and advertising sides of the business. Sneaker companies work with Jazerai when they want to reach women and young people of color. She works at an agency called Crush & Lovely.

Sophia Chang, aka @esymai Sophia is an illustrator and designer originally from Queens, N.Y.  She’s been in the creative industry for about 10 years, creating everything from sneakers, to streetwear apparel, to print and web design.

Emily Oberg: Emily got her start in the sneaker world working on-air at Complex. She then moved to the streetwear retailer KITH, where she was the creative lead for womenswear. Now, she’s heading up her own print magazine/brand called Sporty & Rich.

Music by TrakGirl and Haley Shaw