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June 14, 2018

The sneaker world has a problem with women. Hear sneakerheads demanding more.

Women have embraced sneaker culture, but it’s still largely a man’s world. Since the Freestyle’s release in the 1980s, the sneaker offerings for female sneakerheads have been thin. The sneaker industry has treated female clientele as an afterthought. There are few exclusive sneakers released in women’s sizes and even fewer hype sneakers designed with women in mind. We hear from women who are breaking down boundaries, and busting into the boys’ club.

Show notes:

Jasmine Gonzalez, aka @kixiejixieJixie is a Brooklyn-based sneaker collector. She’s been collecting sneakers since she was 6-years-old. Today, she has more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers in her collection, including 50 pairs of Freestyles.

Elizabeth Semmelheck – Elizabeth is the Senior Curator of the Bata Shoe Museum and curator of The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit.

Jazerai Allen-Lord, aka @nerdlikejazzy – Jazerai has worked in the sneaker industry for the past decade on the media, design, and advertising sides of the business. Sneaker companies work with Jazerai when they want to reach women and young people of color. She works at an agency called Crush & Lovely.

Ivelisse Cassas, aka SoleDeVidaSoleDeVida started her sneaker-reviewing YouTube channel back in 2010, making her one of the first female sneakerheads reviewing shoes on the site. Despite the occasional men’s sneaker, she tended to focused on female-exclusives and GS sized kicks in her reviews– something that her competition overlooked.

Susan Boyle Sue is the owner of Rime, a sneaker shop in Brooklyn that caters to female collectors. Getting to own her own sneaker empire was a long journey.

Music by TrakGirl and Haley Shaw

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