Right Swipes, Big City (Part 1) πŸ’… πŸŒƒ 🍸

November 21, 2017

β€œI literally know everything about him. And he doesn’t know anything about me.” Carrie

Carrie is new to New York City by way of Arkansas. She loves EDM and gin cocktails. Comedian Aparna Nancherla helps Jane take over Carrie’s Tinder account, and they send her out with two guys — to see if they can find a match for her adventurous spirit and lust for life.

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This episode was produced by Jane Marie, Matt Shilts, Katelyn Bogucki, Julia Botero, and Garrett Crowe, with help from Rachel Ward, Rachel Jacobs, Kerrianne Thomas, and Ben Kuebrich. Nicole Wong is our Senior Producer. Nazanin Rafsanjani is our Creative Director. Zac Schmidt mixed this episode. And additional production by Little Everywhere.