That’s What He Said ⛳️👨‍❤️‍👨 🗺💯

December 21, 2017

“You need to up your numbers.” Gabe Liedman

Scott is 34 and has never had a boyfriend…until now?

Scott is an accomplished guy — he’s a Harvard grad and reality tv star. He’s also 34 years old and has never had a boyfriend. Jane and TV writer Gabe Liedman (Broad City, Transparent)  decide to make Scott a playbook for dating, to see if they can help him accomplish this goal.

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This episode was produced by Jane Marie, Julia Botero, Garrett Crowe, Katelyn Bogucki, and Matt Shilts, with help from Casey Martin and Ben Kuebrich. Nicole Wong is our Senior Producer. Nazanin Rafsanjani is our Creative Director. Zac Schmidt and Catherine Anderson mixed this episode. Additional production by Little Everywhere. Special thanks to Victoria Barner, James Cabrera, and Princess Harlow.